Early Settlement Understanding Northern Ireland

Early Settlement Understanding Northern Ireland


The facts of history may hurt but they are not calculated to offend.

The campaign of violence and denigration conducted during the past quarter of a century against the Protestant Unionist majority of Northern Ireland has been based on deliberate falsification of historical fact by the two traditional enemies of Ulster – Irish Nationalism and the Roman Catholic Church. The Irish Nationalist concept of history, fantasised by the rich Gaelic imagination and fused with the superstitions of Romanism, has obscured historical truth in a mist of mystery and superstition.

The outcome of such deception has been the widespread mistaken belief that the Irish were the original inhabitants of the island now called “Ireland”, that they therefore have some sort of divine historical right to its ownership, and that the history of Ulster somehow began with the so-called “Plantation” in the seventeenth century, when these “invaders” are alleged to have ousted the so- called “original” religion of the island, said to have been Roman Catholicism.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and those who have come to believe this lie, especially the Irish themselves, have also become its most tragic victims; for the fusion of history and legend in the Irish mind has led to m^identification of the oppressor as the British Protestant “colonialist” and the failure to recognise that the real bondage of the Irish was imposed upon them in the twelfth century when the light of unadulterated Christian doctrine was corrupted by the forced colonialism of the Roman Catholic Church.