Duchess Meets Pope in Vatican Pilgrimage

Duchess Meets Pope in Vatican Pilgrimage

The picture on the front of this tract depicts the visit of the Duchess of Kent, to the Vatican. It is now twelve months since her Royal Highness became a convert to Rome. She was the first member of the Royal Family to do so.

This event, provoked some Roman Catholic Clergy to comment with some jubilation, that the Duchess of Kent’s conversion signalled the conversion of the British Throne back to Vatican Rule! They may be a little bit premature in their celebrations; But there is no doubt that there is a move in our Nation both Politically and Religiously, and this move is leading us back in to the Roman Fold.

Rome has a tradition that those who are non-Catholics and especially if they are women, that they must dress in black if they are having an audience with the Pope. This no doubt is to convey their inferiority to the Pope, who claims to be Christ’s earthly representative.

When anyone, whether they be Royalty or not, who submit to the authority of the Pope they are upholding one of the great errors of the Church of Rome; which is the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility and the Papal claims that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. There is a clear lesson to be learned. No one can turn away from the truth without being engulfed in a greater error.

Papal Infallibility is not only unscripturable but it is also repugnant. But the claim that the Pope is Christ’s Vicar, is blasphemous. No one who has had a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, (who is the real Vicar of Christ) could ever countenance such a blasphemy.

We were all saddened by the Duchess of Kent’s conversion to Roman Catholicism; but when you consider the attitude of her former church; which was the Church of England, and the comments which emanate from its leaders. It is all too obvious that they have already one foot in Rome.