Don’t Just March – Plant!

Don’t Just March – Plant!

IN the UK We Have a National Health Service.

THE VERY IDEA OF THIS SOUNDS WONDERFUL does it not, that if you lose your health, you can regain it by going to an expert who knows all about health, but is this true?

Unfortunately, doctors in the UK only spend around four hours in their five-year medical course studying health, so to call the service a national health service seems to he a misnomer, as they are actually studying to obtain a licence to use potentially deadly poisons.

The Hippocratic oath says ‘First Do No Harm’, but says nothing about what can be done after that. When you visit a doctor the first thing, they should say if they are being honest is they don’t know how to restore your health, so instead they’re going to give you a pharmaceutical drug which won’t cure the problem but might for a time slow or reduce the symptoms.

Doctors are taught at medical school that any more than I gram of vitamin C is simply excreted as expensive urine as the body cannot tolerate more than 1 gram and will pee it out.

They are taught to believe this is true by medical professors repeating what they were taught. The truth is that some patients may need up to 200 grams intravenously over a 24-hour period depending on the seriousness of their condition. For over 60 years doctors have been using high doses of vitamin C to reverse everything from polio to cancer. This is particularly relevant now with fresh food no longer fresh, as in just picked. The amount of vitamin C in in vegetables and fruits declines with each hour that passes after the picking and I suspect vitamin C deficiency is rampant, if not almost universal in our population, leaving us open to the current flu-like so-called virus.