Did The Virgin Mary Live and Die in England?

Did The Virgin Mary Live and Die in England?

FROM FLOATING THE, seemingly improbable, proposition that Mary the Mother of Jesus lived a considerable, perhaps the major, part of her life in Britain and is buried here to accepting that proposition as a fact is a long, exciting and fascinating journey but a journey the reader will find worthwhile.

`DID THE VIRGIN MARY LIVE AND DIE IN ENGLAND?’ is compulsive reading, even for those who have no interest in religion. It is a book destined to be talked about for many years to come.

`DID THE VIRGIN MARY LIVE AND DIE IN ENGLAND?‘ is a highly controversial book challenging ideas about the Jesus family and the times in which they lived that have been unchallenged for centuries. It is a book guaranteed to excite, to stimulate conversation and will revolutionise the reader’s view of what the world in which the Jesus family lived was really like!

That the Virgin Mary lived much of her life in England, that she died in England and is buried in England is the main proposition of this remarkable and exciting book by Victor Dunstan but there is much more to it than that.in-depth research into the life and times of Jesus by the author astonishingly reveals that:

* The Jesus family were WEALTHY people—Jesus WAS born in a manger but not because the Virgin Mary was poor! Victor Dunstan argues that the myth of Jesus’ poverty was a convenient way for the Church to make the poor satisfied with their lot. Good ‘sob stuff’ religion!

* The disciples were all members of Jesus’ family, or friends of the family and were property owners and businessmen and were either RICH OR INFLUENTIAL OR BOTH. Contrary to generally accepted teaching there were no ‘SIMPLE FISHERMEN’ among them!