The Demise of The National Message and Secretary Stough

The Demise of The National Message and Secretary Stough

LOOKING BACK IN HINDSIGHT, IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO SEE THE INFLUENCE OF THE “HIDDEN HAND” using The British Israel movement to further its agenda. This was particularly so of the period between the two world wars.

Jewish Banker, Edward Hine, had already prepared the way, by influencing independent BI groups who were very numerous in his day, to amalgamate under the banner of The British World Federation. However, unlike many of the other groups, Hine did not accept the Germans as being Israel, although they were Saxons, but instead classified them as Assyrians!

This was of course very necessary to further the hidden hand’s agenda, of stealing Palestine from its occupants, to create a homeland for the Jews and thereby reinforce their identity of being Israel which they had stolen from true Israel now occupying most of Europe and other dominions to which they had spread, i.e. the Caucasians!

Dr. Wesley Swift, mentioned that the Rockefellers funded the BIWF, from its creation in 1919 (a good illuminati number) and perhaps they still do!

Several identity ministers and preachers were not too enamoured with Hine. For example William Greig referred to him as that “Prophet Hine, Polish Jew, English Sailor, Bell Ringer, Pew Opener, Parish Beadle, Christmas Hamper, and Company;”.

Once the enemy’s main objective had been achieved, the Identity movement was to be eliminated. This would be done slowly so as not to raise suspicion. In the early post war period, BI preachers could fill halls with several thousand people, now they will be lucky to have an audience greater than 50.