The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come

The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come

THIS AUTHOR MAY VERY WELL GO TO JAIL FOR DISCLOSING THE FACTS CONTAINED IN THIS BOOKLET. You will read about a very serious subject: Cancer. What you will read is the First Person account of how this author was cured of a malignant cancer of the descending colon by a simple dietary procedure.

It is expected that this very book will be used against this author to establish legally the fact that he is practicing medicine without a license. He may be ordered by some Court to discontinue the future distribution of this book. Why?
Cancer treatment, dear reader, is a major part of the multi-billion- dollar drug industry.
You are being told, and it is now being subtly suggested to you by the many doctor type TV shows, that the American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association are leaving no stones unturned in an all out effort to “find the cause of cancer.” But at the very same time, every possible force and pressure is being applied to prevent doctors from using known and effective cancer cures.