CREATIONISM OF AMERICA’S FOUNDING FATHERS, BY HENRY M. MORRIS: As the nation celebrates American liberty on the Fourth of July each year, it would be appropriate for all Americans (including those who have come here from other nations in search of that same freedom) first of all to reflect on the Christian foundations; including genuine creationism, on which our nation was built in the first place.

It has been noted that many of the founding fathers of our country were strict creationists and that this fact was reflected in the Declaration of Independence In this article, several testimonies are cited in support of this vitally important fact.

For example, John Hancock, who was the first to sign the Declaration, had been president of the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts a year before when he issued a proclamation calling for “A Day of Public Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer,” referring to “that God who rules in the Armies of Heaven and without whose Blessing the best human Counsels are but Foolishness; and all created Power Vanity.” (Cited in William J. Federer: America’s God and Country (Coppel, Texas: Fame Publishing Co., 1996, p. 275) That same year, the Continental Congress had also passed a stirring resolution expressing “humble confidence in the mercies of the Supreme and impartial God and ruler of the universe.” (Cited in William J. Federer: America’s God and Country, Coppel, Texas: Fame Publishing Co., 1996}, p. 140)

George Washington (often called “the father of our country”) was also a strong Bible-believing Christian and literal creationist. Among other things, he once commented as follows: