Cracks in The Holocaust Myth

Cracks in The Holocaust Myth

HAVING SEEN THE SUCCESS OF THE BRITISH PROPAGANDA ABOUT THE GERMANS USING THE SKINS OF DEAD BABIES AS LAMP SHADES IN WORLD WAR I [which the British later apologized for after the end of the war and admitted it was only propaganda to get the troops to fight harder].

They conceived of the “Six Million Jew Lie” and spared no amount of expense to forward this program [the Zionists Even Executed Several Thousand of the so-called Lesser Jews; so as to Further Their Diabolical Plans after All What Was a Few Thousand Lesser Jews Compared to the Master Plan of World Control!].

Genocide Charged: Perhaps the most stupid and cowardly people of all times are the Sephardic Jews.

Charges made by the Israeli media and confirmed by a former Israeli immigration inspector that “hundreds, perhaps thousands” of the children of Sephardic Jews were taken from their parents and never returned. Sephardic Jews live in the Middle East and are thought to be descended from Jewish inhabitants of Judea. However, the majority of the Jews are Ashkenazi.

History says that they are the descendants of the Khazars, a people near the Caucus mountains who converted to Talmudic Judaism in the eighth century. Children of Sephardic Jews from Yemen were subjected to a policy of the Israeli government in the ’50’s to the present like the charges made against the Nazis during WW II. The Tel Aviv daily newspaper was told by the former inspector Ami Hovev that a “substantial number” of these children were killed in medical experiments and buried in lime pits.