Countering Mind Control and Covert Attacks

Countering Mind Control and Covert Attacks

Editor: We are most grateful to one of our German speaking subscribers for the following contribution relating to his firm’s work over recent years in developing, producing and marketing effective countermeasures to the sophisticated warfare now being waged against seemingly all humanity via what most believe are innocuous data transmission and receiving devises we all have to use e.g. phone, wireless, TV including exposure to radiation from electricity itself and even light.

Mind Control and Electrosmog: Their Threats and Countermeasures

SO, ELECTROSMOG AND MIND CONTROL (MC) concerns you? Us too! However, we have found a solution for at least more than 90% of the population affected by this most insidious form of attack. Having read the following resume of our company’s work in developing countermeasures against such attacks, you may wish to purchase one or more source field-harmonisers and test their protective benefits for yourself.

In this article certain aspects of electrosmog and MC associated with UHF radiation, being the most pervasive, will be addressed. The television and film industry both play a pivotal roll in implementing MC by harnessing nature’s optical laws. Other methods of MC are now in an advanced stage of development such as holographic projection. Yet other “esoteric” technologies (our term) e.g. radionics, psionics and psychotronics must be considered when endeavouring to take countermeasures.

Also to be considered is worldwide organised stalking and electronic harassment (OS/EH), which has been going on for decades with ever increasing sophistication. This topic will have to be left for another time.