Communism in America – A Rich Man’s Movement

Communism in America – A Rich Man’s Movement

Due to her affluent relatives money was not a problem for because of the wealth she inherited from her mother and aunts. Albert was also the chief engineer of the Chicago Sewage District. Her marriage to Albert produced a son, Kirkpatrick (1920-2003) who was a famous Chicago lawyer and a daughter, Elizabeth Jane who was also a lawyer.

In the 1920’s she joined the Chicago based Reveres until she had a falling out with the leader of the Reveres, a retired Army Lt. Col. Edwin Marshall Hadley.

Lt. Col. Edwin Marshall Hadley had organized a number of chapters of his anti-Jewish organization The Paul Reveres in the Chicago area and he wrote three books on the Jewish origins of Bolshevism.

Dining attended several of his meetings but disagreed with him on the issue of the Jews. At that time she believed that Communism was not Jewish even if the majority of leaders of the Communist Movement in America were racial Jews.

Later the Dilling family travelled widely, and visited the Soviet Union. They spent a month there, and she filmed what some of the atrocious conditions and anti-Christian activities of the Jews in that country. Especially alarming to Dilling was their Soviet guide’s proclaiming, “Our world revolution will start with China and end with the United States!
When she returned home to Illinois, she went on a tour showing her movies and telling those attending her lec­tures that the Soviet “workers’ paradise” was anything but a “paradise”.