The Comet of 562 AD and The Arthurian Wasteland

The Comet of 562 AD and The Arthurian Wasteland

The following quote is taken from the Brut Tysillo, the most ancient surviving written history of the British Isles and clearly refers to a comet of “enormous size” striking Britain and Ireland.

“And then a Star of enormous size appeared to Ythyr, having a single shaft, and at the head of the shaft a ball of fire in shape of a dragon, and from the dragon’s jaws, two beams went upward, the one beam reaching towards the farthest parts of Ffraink and the other beam towards Iwerddon, which split into seven smaller beams. And Ythr and all who saw this spectacle feared, and they asked the wise men what it might mean. And then Merddin wept and said, “O nation of the Bryttaniait! now are ye bereft of Emrys Wledic, a loss that cannot be replaced.” Brut Tysillo, aka the “Ystorya Brenhined y Brytanyeit” Jesus MS. LXI.

Incredible though it may seem to many historians, archaeological evidence of the vitrification of several ancient hill forts and stone structures of these islands gives compelling authority to the contention that Britain and Ireland were devastated by this comet in the year 562 AD.

At the time it entered the Earth’s atmosphere and wiped out the majority of a British population that was purportedly in excess of ten million, many of the estimated two million who survived were forced to seek refuge in Brittany and other parts of what was known as the Cambrian or Khumeric Empire.

So devastated was their homeland by the fireball, that must have scorched the Earth at temperatures in excess of 10,000 centigrade, before causing the boiling sea to cover the land.

This was followed by a fatally toxic fall-out in the air, that rendered the previously bountiful western islands uninhabitable for between 7 and 11 years.