Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 70

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 70


THIS IS MY SEVENTIETH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY SIXTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. With this issue, we are going to address a subject that is in much need of being brought to the forefront. Many of you have already noticed my continual attack on various false doctrines. This is the scatological (study in excrement) job Yahweh has placed on my shoulders. Recently, He has given me witness that I must continue, for we are now living in a day where more of this twisted theology abounds. I find all this a great responsibility, and everything I write, I write with fear and trembling! I do this because we are either gathering the sheep or scattering them, Matthew 12:30. There is no category in between. All one need do to scatter the Israel sheep, is conjure up some ambiguous, flawed premise arriving at a mistaken conclusion. Therefore, all truth starts with a correct premise, and only truth can set us free.

But it is even more serious than this, for Scripture tells us that if we continue in our arrogant ways, we will be turned over to Satan either for our correction or for our destruction. And yet this is not all, for though we put forth much effort to help build the Kingdom, our rewards at the Judgment will be taken from us and given to another. Therefore, we dare not deviate from the truth! With this in mind, I publish the ensuing:

The following is a reprint of a letter sent to Dave Barley from William Finck, September 17, 2003. Finck’s personal letter has been modified from a personal to an open letter with Finck’s permission: