Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 58

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 58


THIS IS MY FIFTY-EIGHTH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY FIFTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. With this teaching letter, we will continue our walk through Daniel. This is not an effort to cover all of Daniel, but those parts which concerns his prophecies. As I have pointed out before, the various unreal, debauched interpretations that have been promoted by various sources are simply preposterous and outrageous.

The so-called experts on the subject simply do not follow the first principles for interpreting Bible prophecy. It should be pointed out, one must do a lot more than simply read the book of Daniel. One might read it a hundred times, but if he doesn’t branch out to other connecting evidence, he will never comprehend what Daniel is all about. With this lesson, we are going to branch out into those other areas. Once one becomes familiar with all the testimony, it will not be so easy for those unscrupulous manipulators and purveyors of falsities to engineer their subterfuge.

To study Daniel thoroughly, much history and a wide area of geography are required. Not only that, but it is paramount we know who Scripture is talking about on every particular occasion. For instance, the name Darius is used at Ezra 4:5; 4:24; 5:5-7; 6:1; 6:12-15; Nehemiah 12:22; Daniel 5:31; 6:1, 6, 25, 28; 9:1; 11:1; Haggai 1:1, 15; 2:10; Zechariah 1:1 and 7; 7:1.