Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 56

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 56


THIS IS MY FIFTY-SIXTH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY FIFTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. WITH THIS TEACHING LETTER, we will continue our walk-through series in the Book of Daniel. One very important element we should understand about Mohammedanism is the fact that they don’t worship the same god as the Christians. Before Mohammed came along, Mecca was a centre of the worship of many false gods. All Mohammed did was to reduce their pantheon of approximately ten false gods down to one false god, Allah. In Judaism, Mohammedanism and Christianity there are three different deities. For Christianity it is the Mighty One of the Hebrews; for the Mohammedans it is the false god Allah; and the “Jews” actually worship Lucifer.

It might be well to show the variant pronunciations and spellings of the name of Mohammed. For this, I will quote from the 1980 Collier’s Encyclopaedia, volume 16, page 405: “MOHAMMED …, an English form of one of the commonest Muslim names, first borne by the founder of the Muslim religion (which is sometimes called Mohammedanism after him). The name has had various forms and spellings in the West: Mohammed, Mohamed, Mahomet, Mahound, and even Baphomet.

All these forms derive from the Arabic Muhammad … A Turkish form of the name, Mehmed, is used for several sultans of the Ottoman Empire; and a modern spelling that has come into English through French, Mehemet, is frequently used in the name of Mehemet Ali, the Ottoman viceroy who founded modern Egypt.