Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 50

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 50


THIS IS MY FIFTIETH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY FIFTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. IN THE LAST LESSON, I briefly mentioned that the queen-mother of Britain had died. I believe that this is a major mile-marker in time to where we are today on Yahweh’s time-clock. I would remind you that Scripture says in no uncertain terms that there would always be a descendant of David on a throne somewhere until Messiah’s Second Advent. The implication is: if the present Queen Elizabeth were to have a heart attack and die, and our Redeemer has not returned, the promise to David is a lie and our Bible is untrustworthy. I also pointed out that Queen Elizabeth’s husband was not of pure blood, and because Elizabeth had taken an unsuitable mate, thus violating Yahweh’s Law of kind after kind: her children by that marriage are unfit to take the throne.

There is an interesting passage in the book The Roman And The Teuton by Charles Kingsley, written 111 years ago, which shows an attempt to bring down this Royal line, which says this on page 22:
In lessons #47 and #48 we inadvertently got onto the topic of the millennium while studying about Norse mythology. I quoted evidence from the Geneva Bible that the reformers didn’t subscribe to the idea that it should transpire after the Messiah’s second coming, but rather had already happened from 70 A.D. to approximately the middle of the 10 hundreds A.D. I am aware there are many in this message who are still embracing the “Futurists” and “Preterists” positions as opposed to the “Historical” perspective of prophecy. The Almighty has already announced His blueprints for the future by His prophets, and it’s going to unfold in His prescribed manner regardless of our personal opinions. Under these circumstances, we should study the origin of our persuasions. If we do, we might be surprised under what conditions these doctrines came into being. We should not go so far as to pronounce the “Preterists’”, “Futurists’” and “Idealists’” views as being entirely incorrect though. We must give them credit where credit is due. Therefore, in order to get a handle on prophecy, I feel it is necessary to take a short walk through Daniel and Revelation.