Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 47

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 47


THIS IS MY FORTY-SEVENTH MONTHLY TEACHING LETTER AND CONTINUES MY FOURTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. Since my last mailing in February, I have purchased a new Martin Yale model 1501 automatic paper folder. I had been looking for a good paper folder for nearly three years. It appeared that it might require a $1,500 investment. Then a couple of people searching on the Internet found two different places selling folding machines. I inquired from them, but neither would give me the specifications on what kind of folds they would make, and I wasn’t about to spend that much being in the dark as to their capability.

Finally, I noticed a folding machine in an Office Max catalogue. I called Office Max for its specifications, and they gave me the telephone number of Martin Yale, who in turn confirmed that their folder would do everything I needed. Furthermore, this folder sold for $582.99 including tax and delivery. In my mailing for December, 2001, I had to manually fold 3,600 brochures. It’s impossible to imagine the task of doing this manually unless one has ever done it. This new folder should give me a lot more research time for my writings.

While speaking of my brochures, I use ivory coloured paper as that reduces eye fatigue. That can make the difference between a person reading the whole content or not. I have also experimented with various fonts to find the easiest to read, which is important when using small type. The cost of pastel coloured paper is about three times that of white. While this is expensive, it’s not nearly as costly as the toner.