Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 3

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 3

THIS IS THE THIRD IN A SERIES OF MONTHLY TEACHING LETTERS. If you have not received my first letter #1; 5-98 or my second letter #2; 6-98, please send me #2.00 for each letter you do not have. All back issues will be $2.00 each. Unlike a news letter, these teaching letters will not go out of date. Since my teaching letter of 6-98, I have purchased a new copying machine with an automatic collator and this is going to make my job of teaching much easier and save more time for study and research. Also, I published a special “Supplement Teaching Letter, June 16, 1998”, proving that “Universalism” is a Jewish doctrine (you will not want to miss this supplement issue). If you want a copy of that issue, it will be $2.00 also. I will be keeping master copies of all my issues in my files and they may be ordered at anytime. You will find my teachings are going to be after the fashion and an extension of the teachings of Bertrand L. Comparet and Wesley A. Swift.

Now Continuing The Topic:

With this issue, I would like to present a study in connection with Tamar: “What’s In A Name?”, (meaning Tamar’s name).