Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 27

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 27


This is my twenty-seventh monthly teaching letter and continues my third year of publication. It is still my striving goal to make each succeeding letter to transcend, eclipse and outshine the ones preceding it. It is a very rigorous, difficult and demanding goal to try to meet each month, but meet it I will. In the last lesson, we got on the subject of the Phoenicians, which is probably one of the lesser-understood subjects of Israelite history. This is a subject, which we all need to get better acquainted with. I am trying to establish the groundwork for a series on Esau-Edom, and we need to take into account some secular history surrounding him to understand what was going on which affected him in his early days. Really, secular history is very much compatible with Bible history if we understand them both correctly. As we study this history, we may find the circumstances and lifestyles of the people living at that time entirely different from what we ever dreamed. Unless we can come to an understanding of the background stage for our investigation, we will miss much of the story. With these teaching letters, I am trying to bring you the best-selected articles of reference I can find. This way you can benefit, in a few minutes of reading, from what it took me many hours of research to find.


There is still more we should consider about the Phoenicians, and I did find a better-than-normal article in a book entitled Early Progress by Willis Mason West. Sometimes articles found in smaller history books are more concise and, therefore, give a better overall view on a subject. Quoting now from page 55-57: