Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 19

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 19

THIS IS THE NINETEENTH IN A SERIES OF TEACHING LETTERS. With the last two teaching letters, I have distributed two 8 ½ x 14 pamphlets, four columns each side. The first pamphlet was entitled The Great Two Seedline Controversy War In Identity, and the second, Irish And Scottish Genealogy. One person alone ordered 200 of the Seedline pamphlets. Another man said this of the Seedline pamphlets: “As soon as I read it, I knew I wanted more. Compared to your Research Papers, it is much more concise, clear, and to the point. I have already used it as part of a witnessing tool, though;

I must say that it caused much rebuke from the recipient. It was declared ‘a White Supremist, racist, and a hater of the Jews’ and as ‘You’re a cancer. Too far gone.’ This from a Judeo-Christian who ‘worships the God of love.’” Another person passed the pamphlet on Irish And Scottish Genealogy at his new job in a medical teaching college.

The Irish Catholic lady who received it became quite irate, and took the pamphlet to her husband, which he in turn took to her manager, whereupon the new employee was called before the manager and highly reprimanded. Isn’t it simply amazing how people hate the truth! They’re almost ready to kill the messenger in many cases. (“Oh please God, don’t tell me the truth! I’m having too much fun eating at the hog trough!”)

I could tell you several other similar stories about these new pamphlets, but space does not permit. I believe you will find these pamphlets the most powerful and to the point witnessing tools written on one piece of legal size paper. Not only this, the cost of these pamphlets is unbelievably minimal. It is now time that we go on the offensive with this message, and with these pamphlets, we have the tools to do the job.