Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 13

Clifton Emahiser – Letter No. 13

THIS IS THE THIRTEENTH IN A SERIES OF TEACHING LETTERS. In the last teaching letter (twelfth), I showed you the true meaning of Daniel 7:24-25. I brought much documentation concerning how Justinian subdued three nations, and how he codified and modified the former Roman laws. I further showed how the Roman church adopted Justinian’s laws and enforced them upon the laity for a prophesied period of 1,260 years. While most of the continent of Europe was suffering under the Justinian law codes, Britain was under an entirely different type of law. With this lesson, we will explore the kind of law Britain employed along with its origin. Also, with this lesson, we will be getting into areas few teachers wish to contemplate or talk about when they consider Judah. This lesson is going to fit hand in glove with lesson twelve. Again, I will remind you in advance, THIS LESSON HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH JUDAH!

Now Continuing the Topic:

With this lesson, we are going to get into the history of the Zerah branch of Judah (sometimes spelled Zara). Unless this history is learned, you will arrive at many false conclusions of Scripture. There are multitudes who don’t know this history, and as a natural result, many are under strange delusions on many passages of Scripture. Examples of these will be discussed later. To get a favourable beginning on this subject, I am going to quote from the book, Father Abraham’s Children, by Perry Edwards Powell, Ph. D., pages 98-101: