Cinderella – A Bible Story

Cinderella – A Bible Story

CINDERELLA is that old, old Saxon folk tale about the poor little girl in rags and ashes who married the Prince of the realm and lived happily ever after. It has come down to us generation after generation, and it is still cherished and enjoyed.

The story of the little girl with the glass slipper has been printed in numerous books in uncounted versions of the original story. It has been made into plays, movies, cartoons, and television productions; and still the magic of Cinderella lives on. Perhaps it is the hand of God because, you know, there really is a Cinderella, there really is a Prince, there really will be a wedding, and they really will live happily ever after!

Cinderella Story — A Parable

The story of Cinderella is a magnificent, prophetic parable of the Prince of Peace and Israel. As we go along through the story, we shall attempt to explain the real-life characters that fit in this ancient, yet still unfinished, story, which has survived so long in Anglo-Saxon folklore.

According to the original story, the pretty little girl’s mother died and her
father remarried. Soon after the stepmother and her two grown daughters
moved in, the father left on a long trip. All three of the women were very hard and cruel to the little girl.