Christians or Nobles

Christians or Nobles

THERE ARE THOSE WHO BLAME CHRISTIANS FOR ALL THE EVIL THAT HAS BEEN COMMITTED SINCE TIME BEGAN. And in doing so, they have also laid the blame on our Israel people; commonly known to the world today as the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic, Nordic and kindred people.

The following was originally written by J. Marie Z. I have changed it just a little and have inserted instead of the word Aryan to Israelite and Christian; because not all Aryans are the descendants of the ancient Israelites. And if J. Marie reads this I respectfully hope that she will not be offended for my using it and making the small changes.

We all know that there are evil men in the world, yesterday and today, who have posed as Christians so as to hide their real identity and place the blame on those they hate. The Jews are the most notorious murders in all of history and have created or caused almost every single war that has resulted in the slaughter of hundreds of millions of our brother and sister Israelites.

The present President is one of these evil men, who hides his Jewishness and presents himself as a Christian. But by his actions and deeds we know that he is no part of a Christian but is true to his Jewish heritage.

The United States; some people mistakenly call Mystery Babylon; don’t stop to consider that the Protocols mention that the Jews would use the United States as one of their military arms; the Japanese being another and China as the third. They did not mention Russia but it has been their base of operations in this century, or at least since 1917 when they took total control of that country. Yet those who would accuse America, which many of us, believe is the New Jerusalem and New Zion as mentioned in the Scriptures never refer to Russia as Mystery Babylon, even though Moscow sit on seven hills. Nor do they mention Tel Aviv which is presented as the seat of Jewish power today. One wonders why they don’t do that?