Central Government

Central Government

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT IS TYPIFIED BY BABYLON — Babylonian type World Empires, based upon the concept of Central Government, are liberally strewn throughout the records of world history. Today, the epitome of Central Government is usually thought to be the Communist government of the Soviet Union But, in all fairness, evidence shows clearly that the Soviet Union’s government is NOT unlike other centralized governments in the world. The truth is, Marxism is merely a typical Central Government. And Marxism like all centralized governments, is bad!

Looking at Central Government, certain recognisable traits stand out. Central Government always develops into a self-willed, self-protecting entity interested only in its own survival. Central Government is never a servant, but rather a master It is its own master, with its own personality. It rules! It never serves’ It uses every means at its disposal (including police and military force) to protect itself against the public The people, collectively, are considered its greatest resource, and at the same time its greatest threat.
Police are employed in great numbers to enforce the Central Government’s will upon the people, and to protect it from possible public interference.

Therefore, it is a continuing struggle to keep the people suppressed. Central Government is of the nature that it must maintain its own existence in hostile surroundings. It must conquer, or be conquered! It is perpetually at war with the public. However, politicians don’t call it “war.” They callit “Political Science” (the art of conquering and controlling the masses). There- fore, Central Government’s position of unchallengeable power must be maintained. Otherwise, the people might get out of hand.