By Can These Bones Live?

By Can These Bones Live?

The symbolism of Ezekiel for our times: There are a great number of mysteries and symbols, parables, and visions in the scriptures. They are applied with a consecutive chronology, and without the realization that these skip from one to another. And in the patterns of translation, and the arrangement of the documents, they overlap and contain material that should have been placed in other portions of these writings. It happened because human instruments, also, shapes the scripture as they feel or see that it should be.
There is no question of every word out of the mouth of God being truth. But it has to be studied to shape and divide it. Part of a prophecy may be for that time and then other parts for our time. The day still ahead will see the transitions with great speed.
You are to study to show yourself approved, so this spirit in us can commune with the Father.
Ezekiel’s time found Israel in captivity. But Ezekiel 37, was thinking ahead and he thinks of how God stirs HIS children.
Dead bones: This is allegory vision. And Ezekiel sees a deep valley completely surrounded by mountains, and it is full of bones. Dry bones could be many of our churches today, or in areas of leadership. But the Spirit said, ‘can these things live?’
Now, it may be our blindness to prophecy. But these bones are the whole House of Israel. Not one tribe or two tribes, but the whole House of Israel. They were in captivity there in the old in the Mid-East when Ezekiel did his prophecy. But YAHWEH said, ‘I will cause breath to enter into these bones and they will live.’