British Israel Doctrine Problems

British Israel Doctrine Problems


IT SEEMS THAT the entire Israel-Identity movement is corrupted in the UK, the traditional identity view held by most British Israelites being supplemented by the following beliefs:–

(a) That the Bible had a definite plan for the “restoration of all earthly things to the perfections of the Garden of Eden”.

(b) That all mankind came from Adam.

(c) That the blessing God made by covenant to Abraham, is also available to believers in Jesus Christ from all other races.

(d) That Israel’s purpose is “to save the world”.

These views can be seen to be contradictory because the all over effect is that ultimately there is no difference between Abraham’s seed and the seed of all other peoples, in regard to God’s blessing. It is not proposed to consider points (a) and (b) here in any detail, or to discuss the universal reconciliation that belief (a) infers. We are not considering any doctrines such as the USA-Zion concept, and that is a separate issue. The latter two points are what we will look at in more detail.