Britain’s Downgrade

Britain’s Downgrade

THE 1960’S saw a major historic shift of belief in Britain. No longer did our erstwhile politicians and their unseen masters, see our country’s laws as being of divine origin based on God’s Law, and therefore were fixed. Rather, they were seen as being of human origin, based upon “the will of the people.” Therefore, they could be and were changed.
Since the end of the second world war, a great deal of Bible-based legislation has been removed from British Law Books and replaced by very inferior and permissive laws. Today there are, at least in the mind of British Parliamentarians, and its behind the scenes law makers, all absolutes the restraints are off, an action that is in open defiance of God and His Word. The general consensus is that “morality is what you make it”
However, historically, God’s Law has shaped particularly the English statute book. In Anglo-Saxon times Alfred the Great laid down a sound foundation. He added to his laws a free translation of the Ten Commandments and an abridgment of the enactments of Exodus chapters 21-23. Alfred took his responsibilities as a Christian ruler seriously, and the spiritual welfare of his subjects was important to him
The true significance of the removal of biblical restraints and replacement by inferior laws is well summed up by Rev David Samuel who wrote: “When a law is passed by Parliament and put upon the statute book it can still be lawlessness when it is judged by that higher law – the Law of God. Yet w e have witnessed this kind of thing repeatedly in recent years…. Iniquity , lawlessness. in our society today is no longer merely the aberration of the individual, but it is the structured, codified and deliberate lawlessness of society itself.”