Britain Betrayed

Britain Betrayed


Long ago it was realised that if any group could control the mass communications media that group could control most minds in a country. Numerous well informed people have unanimously declared that all of the media, TV, radio, newspapers, advertising, book publishers etc has long been firmly under the ruthless control of one minority group: International Jewry headed by a few super-rich billionaires at the pinnacle of which sit the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. In his book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century – an in depth exposure of the 6 million fraud – Prof. Arthur Butz described all of the media in the West as “a Lie Machine”.

Money rules this world. The people who create and control money Control Everything, politics and politicians, secret societies, the police, the judiciary, education, the military, the church ad infinitum. The puppet politicians at Westminster have long represented Banking and Moneyed Interests, not the interests of the British people. Bankers look after their lackeys and creatures well. For services rendered, lucrative positions, handsome directorships and fame and fortune while the British people rot and their country is given away.

The controlled media has long been pumping out misinformation, distortions, downright lies and masses of trivia to keep the public occupied and amused with sweet nothing. Now, in more recent years, a deluge of rampant degeneracy, obscenity, blasphemy and violence to undermine and destroy all morality. As people see, hear and read, so They (Politicians of all parties) are guilty of the Greatest Treason in All of Our History. They have flooded our tiny Island home with millions of the coloured races and implemented oppressive and evil Race Laws to force the British to submit to this policy.