British Lion No. ?? – March 1934

British Lion No. ?? – March 1934

The Apology

THE new Editor of BRITISH FASCISM commences this resumption of the papers activities by presenting to the regular subscribers the most ample apologies on behalf of all concerned for the lapse of these activities during the last few months. The loss of both the joint editors and the dislocation of normal activities during a period of re-organisation have resulted in an interregnum which is now at an end. Unlike the orthodox modern politician, Fascists are to be judged by their works rather than by their promises and we feel therefore, that an apology would nor neither worth offering nor worth accepting unless it is accompanied resumption of the regular issue of the paper at intervals of not less than one month from the issue of the present number.

The First Announcement

After a period of something over a year at 22, Stanhope Gardens, the British Fascists are removing to more convenient quarters. The new address will be announced later