British Lion Vol 2 No. 26 – April 1928

British Lion Vol 2 No. 26 – April 1928

Red Whitewash

WE have no connection with Communists. No, they are Red, we do everything by Parliamentary means, we mean no harm to the Empire, we would support it (do not inquire into the years 1914—1918!) we go to Buckingham Palace and accept the King’s hospitality; we may differ slightly as to how the country should be run, but, after all, every man is entitled to his opinion AND WE HAVE, TURNED THE COMMUNISTS OUT OF THE LABOUR PARTY,”

Coincidences may occur, as “Sapper” said in one of the “Bulldog Drummond” books, in which the hero had seen one puncture to his car many times, two frequently, three occasionally, but four wheels at the same time ¬NEVER! There is a limit to the belief of the most credulous in coincidences, and this really takes the prize.

The British Workers Delegation visited Russia for the Tenth Anniversary of the Revolution in November, 1q27, and published its report in “Soviet Russia To-day,” published by the Labour Research Department, 126 Buckingham Palace Road, S.W.1.
A National Committee organised the delegation, consisting, among others, of the following:–