British Lion Vol 2 No. 8 – Feb 1931

British Lion Vol 2 No. 8 – Feb 1931


WE have received a copy of “The Independence of Small Nations,” a pamphlet issued by the British Friends of Montenegro, which gives the history of the absorption of that gallant little country by the Jugoslays.

Apart from the dark reflection that this event casts upon the actions of certain politicians, the most important thing which is revealed is that the League of Nations, formed with all its high ideals of safeguarding the rights of small nations, has either been unable or unwilling to interfere in this instance.

While it is obvious that the Montenegrins, being no longer a nation, and therefore having no representation in the League, would find it difficult to raise the question at Geneva, it is not surprising that the delegates have no desire to broach a subject likely to disturb the international peace and quiet which is their object of existence.

It almost seems as if the League, in its disregard of Montenegrin claims, has justified the belief that it is an organization which only results in making wrongs and injustices eternal by agreement and treaty!