British Lion Vol 2 No. 18 – 1st Feb 1932

British Lion Vol 2 No. 18 – 1st Feb 1932

The National Government Fraud Economy At The Expense of The Poorest

MR. MANDEVILLE ROE, who has studied the Unemployment problem both in this and in other countries, shows that all the “scandals of the dole” are not on one side.

WHEN the National Government, after an electoral victory so sweeping ¬as to have no parallel in history, was returned to office everybody understood we were in for a period of most drastic economy. For- the nation now had two alternatives only, either to pay up for the crimes, follies, and blunders of the Labour Government, or to behave like a fraudulent trader and go bankrupt.

By supporting the National Government the British people decided to do the honest thing, however  unpleasant it might be. The National Government demanded sacrifices from all, and on that basis of equality of sacrifice the whole country was prepared for privations even as great as those demanded in War. The Government, however, has not even attempted to achieve equality of sacrifice.

What is Economy?

Some people seem to think that economy merely means saving money, regardless of how it is saved, or what material losses- are sustained in saving it. That is an utterly false definition, but it is unfortunately the one which the National Government has embraced with eagerness. As I once heard Mr. Pethick,Lawrence point out in the House of Commons, that neither the present administration nor the last wild riot of Socialism (led by the same Right Honourable Gentleman as lulls the present Government) gave a thought to this absolutely first principle of public affairs.

The abolition of the “genuinely seeking work” clause. I have elsewhere denounced that clause, and am prepared to denounce it again, because the need for such a clause indicates the utter failure of the whole system of Labour. Exchanges, which should be the clearing houses for jobs and men.