British Lion No. 1 – 13 June 1925

British Lion No. 1 – 13 June 1925


TOO many people seem to be under the impression that the signing of an enrolment form and the purchase of a badge, render the new member a Fascist in every sense of the term.

These are but the outward signs of the fact that he or she has recognised the duty of taking part, as an active worker, in the struggle against a foe who prefers intrigue to force, but who will not scruple ruthlessly to use the latter when the years of underground machination have done their work.

Great emphasis is laid on the common sense of our argument that force must be opposed by force, but far too little attention has been paid to the fact that, if the body politic be debilitated by ever-increasing doses of Communist poison, it will succumb under the shock of the ultimate armed conflict. A moment’s reflection must show that we must ceaselessly counter the intrigue while prepar­ing for forcible action should the enemy have recourse thereto.