Binding A Strong Man

Binding A Strong Man

THERE IS NOTHING OUT OF DATE ABOUT THE BIBLE. Its clear distinctions between good and evil that started in Genesis 3:15, it rules for human conduct and its laws for the government of the nation, are as valid and as vital today as they ever were in the days of the prophets that wrote them. It was written then to be read now. Far more of its prophecies and warnings apply to this present time than were aimed at the times in which they were written. This is equally true of both Old and New Testaments, they are both part of the same book and each confirms the other. We Would Do Well to Heed Them.

When our ancestors founded this nation, they were Christians, the cries of the antichrists and their minions to the contrary notwithstanding, who recognized the eternal validity of Yahweh’s laws. They were aware that only in obedience to our God could the nation populations, grew to become the mightiest nation the world has ever seen.

All the power of ancient Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, and Rome, the empires who ruled with force and cruelty all the world they knew, were insignificant compared to the majestic might we enjoyed just 15 years ago. How did it happen that we have now fallen to the point where we pay heavy tribute money to the Jews in Israel.

We try, with whining pleas and bribes, to curry favour with the Jews and their minions, and whimpering to anyone who will listen, we just can’t survive without the help of these weak and helpless nations. Haven’t we even one man in Washington who can understand, unless these nations have the courage and honour, to fight for their own freedom even though they stand alone like Iraq, they certainly won’t fight for us because we suddenly change and lift the sanctions and pay them bribes? How can we have fallen to the point where we just wince and yelp as the Jews tighten the screws.