Billy Graham

Billy Graham

TEXE MARRS IN HIS FLASHPOINT, BY LIVING TRUTH MINISTRIES, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78733, (800) 234-9673; says Billy Graham is a Great Deceiver: Every time I expose darkness and subversion inside the Christian establishment, the hounds of hell come against me. Every time I unmask Satan’s deceptive ministers of unrighteousness within the Christian Church; men who so cleverly disguise themselves as “Angels of Light’ but, inside, are ravening wolves, the hounds of hell come against me. They show their ferocious mouths, and lust to tear out my flesh, rip my eyeballs from their sockets, anything to shut out the Truth!

Well, let the hounds come, I am ready for them, with Christ Jesus as my strength, because in this and next month’s issues of Flash-point, I’m going to tell the whole, unvarnished truth about several of the chief deceiver in our midst. I intend to sound the alarm and to cry aloud: “Beware, Saints of God! This is the great falling away, prophesied to come in 2 Thessalonians 2.”

I begin this month with an expose’ of Billy Graham who, except for the Pope of Rome, is the chief deceiver in the world today. I intend next month to examine the most recent skullduggery of Pope John II, Fidel Castro’s hero and the “other” Mary’s little messenger to the world. Then, I’ll go on to take a look at some Papal underlings, like Jack Van Impe, Chuck Colson, and Hank Hanegraaf. Also, I’ll be examining the latest teachings of Kenneth Hagin, the big-wig of charismatic “Word of Faith” heresy.

But before I begin, I warn you: If you don’t want to hear the truth, STOP READING NOW! No reason to have your comfort zone disturbed with facts, is there? Just throw away this newsletter. Tossing out this documentation will save you a lot of pain and grief. Then you can get on with wooing of the world and your adoration of these big and famous names within the so-called “Christian Community.”