Bible Questions and Answers

Bible Questions and Answers

YOU ARE WELL AWARE, THAT THE BIBLE HAS ALWAYS BEEN SUBJECT TO ATTACK BY PAGANS, ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS, but it was not until modern times that questions concerning its validity have been entertained by our so‑called “Ministers” who profess to proclaim its message.

It was about the middle of the nineteenth century that a “school” of higher criticism came into being and since that time its students, its adherents, have made militant advances in its Satanic efforts to discredit the Divine Revelation of the Scriptures. The results of their evil works have brought forth a harvest of unbelief that today infects the entire Christian Church.

This, modernism, the monstrous offspring spawned by this so‑called higher criticism, has succeeded in deceiving millions of Americans into believing the Bible to be of human origin and subject to many errors. Thus the faith that was once held by most Americans, who accepted without mistrust the authenticity of the Scriptures, has been all but destroyed.

Much of this has been accomplished by asking questions, some hard, some ridiculous, some that are completely irrelevant, but all are questions Christians find hard to answer. Which is the reason for their presentation in the first place.

Following are some of the most popular questions, which have been answered with the best possible explanation and confirmed by the Scriptures.