Dear Grace,
Glad to hear from you.
Yes, I have read “Beowolf.” I have the book. Am sending you a picture of the sea creature from a museum. Also, Dr. Swift was able to see one of them alive but it did not live long out of the depth of the sea.
You ask about the flood of Noah’s time, and the stories of the Great flood, Native Americans Indians, and Asians and Babylonians wrote about? I would suggest that since these people wrote about a great flood, they were not talking about the Great flood which covered all of the earth; Genesis 1: l-2: for this flood was in ancient times far back in time from the flood of Noah’s time which occurred some time after the Adamic race came to earth. All people on earth were destroyed in that Great Flood of Genesis 1:1-2, unless they packed up and flew away back to other planets in the Milky way.
Jeremiah recalls seeing this while he was still in the spirit before the restoration of the world that was, and the coming then of the Adamic people. Jeremiah 4:22-27. And yes there was a great flood all over the whole earth at that ancient time. And then a restoration. Moses just gives you a bit of history in the first chapter of Genesis. And then in the second chapter, goes into the story of the Adamic people. And yes, that also explains the Archaeologists finds in the Grand Canyon, and the fact that this earth had people on it long before the Adamic people came into physical earth. This is a proven fact which the church does not teach.