The Hoskins’ Report Babylon is in Three Parts

The Hoskins’ Report Babylon is in Three Parts

“The great city was divided into three parts.” Rev 16:19

EGYPT BABYLON IS ORGANIZED IN THE FOLLOWING MANNER: “(Pharaoh) placed officers over them from amongst the children of Israel, and over these officers he placed taskmasters from amongst his servants”. Jasher 77:10 Egypt was organized in the same manner as ancient Babylon. Today’s West is organized the same way. Three forces ruled them – three forces rule us.

• Pharaoh,
• Saxon officers (collaborators).
• Alien taskmasters (over collaborators).

Egypt – Babylon’s Clone

Long before there was an Israel; long before there was a Moses, long before there was a tyrannical Egypt to come out of; there existed a Plan. The Plan was to gather all the world into the hands of Babylon ruled by a King whose land was organized as an episcopacy – rule from the top down.

Forever the WORD warns man against the Tower of Babel. In spite of constant warnings man continues to go to a new Canaanland and work to develop its wealth – only to lose it when Egypt closes in around him, takes his wealth, and reduces him to slavery.

The building of the Tower of Babel is so important that the WORD relates the story of Joseph, the favourite son of Abraham, and cast him in the role of the villain. As such there is no way that the story can be side-tracked except by those who do not wish to see, or those who cannot see.