IT HAS BEEN SAID BY SOME: Out there in the quest for “the truth” there are those who have found it and those who have not. Some just cannot seem to find it–––no matter how hard we try to show it to them.

If “we” who have it could just find a way to enlighten “those” who are in the dark, then we could begin to see real progress and enjoy the unity that comes with agreement on doctrine. Society would turn around and the Kingdom of God could come.

Right? Well––let’s think about it. Even if the presumption were right, how do we go about getting their attention? And just how do we call them out of error into the light of “truth?” Maybe we could devise The Perfect Argument, then no one would be able to resist “the truth!”

Truth resistance is a problem that we all have seen; and has been around for thousands of years. Haven’t you had times when you wished you had a Perfect Argument so you could straighten someone out? Being able to come up with Perfect Arguments would sure be handy wouldn’t it? That is––-if it really worked; the problem is, it doesn’t!

First of all, there is no Perfect Argument without perfect truth––-and who among us has it? Every Judeo-Christian church claims to have it, every Judeo-Christian preacher presumes to have it, every “man of God” insists that he has it––as they try to convince others of the truth They See.

They work and strive to devise the Perfect Argument to correct the poor devils; the blind and lost must be called back into the fold. Those that refuse are denounced and shunned as “heretics,” “false prophets,” “Jews,” “infiltrators,” “traitors,” “anti-Semites,” and other such nonsense.