Another War

Another War

AS THE BLOOD THIRSTY LEADERS OF OUR NATION CONTINUE TO DRIVE OUR NATION INTO YET ANOTHER WAR; it would behove us to take a backward look. Everyone who drives an automobile knows that safety depends upon the backward look. Disaster may result as often from not knowing what is behind as from not looking ahead. And so it is in guiding the course of a nation.

An illustration now much in the news is the Iraqi situation. Only a few people, comparatively speaking, realize how quickly the flame smouldering in that region and being fanned into a flame by our leaders who hunger and thrust for blood. Especially Arabian and Israelite blood; the Arabs are the descendants of Abraham through his Egyptian handmaid Hagar; and the Israelites through his wife Sarah and her son Isaac.

The Jews are no part of this family, with the sole exception of those descending from Esau and his Canaanite wives. Esau was the twin brother to Jacob whose name was later changed to Israel. But even those Edomites, also called Idumeans were mixed breeds.

The danger is all the more imminent because our leaders from the president down; many of which are uninformed or misinformed by the Judeo‑Christian leaders of the church, do not know the background of the issues involved. They boldly move to serve the interests of the Jews, who hate our Israelite people with an undying hatred, because they have never looked back to determine the real ownership of the land, and the origin of the conflicting participants in the struggle.

Speaking to His servant nation of Israel, after their redemption by Christ and their lapse into forgetfulness of their very origin, God said through the Prophet Isaiah: