The Ancient Culdees

The Ancient Culdees

WHEN the author engaged in this disquisition, it was not with the remotest idea of writing a book on the subject. His sole design was to collect a few materials, to be afterwards thrown together, so as to form an article in a literary work, to which he had promised to contribute. But,
from the contradictory assertions of learned and able. writers, concerning the Culdees from the
variety of topics regarding their history or character, which demanded particular attention ; and
from the indispensable necessity, in an inquiry of this kind, of producing original authorities; he
soon found, that it was in vain to think of giving any tolerable account of this celebrated society
within the usual limits of an essay. Various difficulties have occurred, indeed, in the progress of this investigation. But, in consequence of perse­vering in it, he has had the satisfaction of meet­ing with facts, which seem to have been formerly overlooked ; and he flatters himself that he has been able to set some others in a new light.