Anglo-Israel A Lecture 1870

Anglo-Israel A Lecture 1870


THE FOLLOWING LECTURE WAS DELIVERED AT THE REQUEST OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE’S SOCIETY OF STANLEY STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Montreal, in the Lecture Room of the Church, on Monday evening, January 14th, 1878. The room was well filled by a very respectable, intelligent, and apparently appreciative audience.

I have, in the treatment of the subject, laid under contribution the writings of E. W. Bird, late of Her Majesty’s Judicial Service in India; Bishop Titcomb of Rangoon and others and I would recommend the study of a Book entitled the “ Anglo- Israel Post Bag,” and a pamphlet entitled, “Is it reasonable,” both by Bishop Titcomb; also the Clifton Chronicle letters by “Philo- Israel,” and a publication «lied the “Banner of Israel.” In these will be found the whole theory argued in all its phases—Prophetical, Historical, Ethnological, and Philological. I am perfectly satisfied that had Professor Campbell eschewed the writings of Mr. Hine and studied the writings of those whose learning and attainments according to the Professor’s standard entitle them to some respect, he Would in them have found opponents much more worthy of his steel.

This lecture is published at the request of numerous friends of the “Identity Cause,” in the hope that it may prove of some service to those who are seeking after the truth in this connection.