The Ancient British Coelbren Alphabet

The Ancient British Coelbren Alphabet

THE TRACING OF THE ANCIENT BRITISH ORIGINS can be accomplished with great certainty and the tool or weapon that allows us to trace our ancestral roots is the ancient British Alphabet and Language.

In 1846 Austin Layard discovered the archives of the ancient Assyrian Emperors’ in the ruins of Nineveh.

He boxed up over 25,000 baked tablets upon which these records were written and sent them to the British Museum in London.

There some surprised staff saw that some of these ancient backed clay tablets from around 740-620 BC were inscribed in the Old British Alphabet.

This provided a link between Ancient Britain and Ancient Assyrian Iran going back over 2700 years ago.

Khumric writers publishing in AD 1797 and 1848 in 1852 and in 1906 all pointed to the near identical ancient British Coelbren Alphabet and the alleged indecipherable alphabets of the Ancient Britain Etruscan(Italy), Rhaetian (Switzerland), and Pelasgian-Aegean and Asia Minor.