Anatomy of a Birth Certificate

Anatomy of a Birth Certificate

Take a look at the Birth Certificate issued in your NAME.
What’s the first thing you notice?

IT’S ON FUNNY PAPER: HARD SURFACED, DURABLE, HEAVY PAPER CALLED “BOND PAPER”. This is your first clue that your estate has been seized upon and that bonds— that is, promissory notes— have been issued against your name.

The next thing that will probably catch your eye is that there are all sorts of seals and blazons and watermarks on this piece of paper. It carries all sorts of emblems from a “State of State” organization, depending on where and when you were born.

We know from our study of the history that these organizations are all foreign with respect to us, as our own American State of State organizations have been moth-balled since the Civil War.

Look at the BC issued in your name. It will show either a Territorial State of State with its name written in Upper and Lower Case like this: State of Washington, or a Municipal STATE OF STATE written in All Capitals like this: STATE OF IOWA.

All these seals and watermarks and other gee-gaws serve to identify the “Issuer” of the Birth Certificate, which is the foreign State of State Organization, not you. They are identifying your NAME as property belonging to them, which they are issuing bonds against.