American Christless Christianity

American Christless Christianity

THE FRENCH GENIUS, VICTOR HUGO WROTE “When a people forgets God, He sends earthquakes”. That is why the U. S. must expect a political earthquake, because the Americans are “spitting” at Christ and thus angering God His Father.

Even the New York Times of Jan. 14, 1923 published a letter entitled Christless Christianity. At least 90%, of Americans of standing reject Christ’s words implying: that they know better [than Christ] and believe that there are good Jews. In vain Chicago is building 70 or more churches—: there will be no Christ in them, as long as Americans “know better” or pretend to be less intolerant than Christ or “less prejudiced” than Our Savior.

As soon, as one says anything critical of the Jews he is classified as an “anti- Semite.” You can in­sult the English; German, or French nations and nobody cares. But do not dare proffer a word against the Jews.

“Licking their boots” and extolling them—is the only thing allowed. “If the true spirit of Christ was alive, Christians would not turn against the Jews as they do” wrote H. M. Troch.