America is New Jerusalem and New Zion

America is New Jerusalem and New Zion

I AM SURE YOU HAVE HEARD THE DOOM AND GLOOM PREACHERS ON THE TELEVISION AND RADIO AS THEY SCREAM THAT AMERICA IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED BY GOD! or God Damn America, as one preacher, who calls himself the last day prophet of God. or You can be sure of one thing, America is going to be destroyed. And many other things along this line.

You can hear the joy in their voice as they predict the destruction of America; it just jumps out at you like a feminist as she watches the abortion murder mills murder more and more babies. They have the same joy in their voice that Herod must have had when he ordered all the babies, under 2 years old, to be destroyed in his efforts to destroy Christ.

But this is false, it is from the antichrists and those who preach this are their agents, either knowingly, or unknowingly; wittingly or unwittingly; it is a teaching straight from Satan himself, and most of those who so gladly expound this do not have the courage to look at the evidence of the falseness of this teaching, for they are afraid that they might learn that they have erred and that their hated America will not be destroyed.

Oh they expound great sounding words about how much they love America and its people; but then they will immediately began to expound, happily, upon the destruction of America. They never look at why God is angry with America.

They are scared to death to look at the truth that the only reason that God is going to judge America is because the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred people who formed and made, with God’s help, are the descendants of the children of Israel. For only Israel was given the law; therefore the reason America is to be judged is because of the collective sins it has committed for God has said: