A Spiritual Thread

A Spiritual Thread

THERE ARE MANY WHO DENY THE TRUTH OF THE ISRAEL KINGDOM MESSAGE; which is that the True Tribes of Israel are the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and Kindred people of the earth – The White Race. Therefore, we have prepared this book as a counter to those who deny the truth.

Karl Marx said: “Take away the heritage of a people; and they are easily persuaded.”

God, in His wisdom, chose Israel to be used by Him in His great plans for the transformation of a lost world. He also had a large portion of the Bible to tell us about Israel’s part in His plan. As a result earnest Bible Students have found the Israel Truth to be a “Key” which opens up the Bible from the first promise made in [1], until at the end of the age the Lord Jesus Christ will come to claim His Kingdom here on earth.

It is like a Spiritual Thread which runs through almost every chapter of Bible History every Doctrine, Symbol, Type, Promise, Covenant and Act of God: A thread which, when found, makes possible the unravelling of most of the mysteries of the Word of God. This is why that everyone, who has found and understood the Israel Truth, has declared the Bible to be a “New Book;” to their surprise, that it is consistent, harmonious, symmetrical, progressive and most satisfying to the mind.

Without the Israel Truth, as is evidenced in the commentaries and “helps,” the Bible becomes a field of conjectures, an array of, for the most part, disconnected stories; and a grab bag of texts without much reference to the context, of where the truth of the texts fit, in the Divine scheme of things. The whole Gospel of individual Salvation, wherever it is presented in the Word of God, one can, with careful study realize the fact that the Israel Truth is the context that makes it plain and sets the Scriptures in its spiritual perspective.