A Revealed Knowledge of The Prophecies and Times

A Revealed Knowledge of The Prophecies and Times

Richard Brothers’ A Revealed Revelation, is said to be one of the first identity Books, although he refers to the Jews as Hebrews, but he goes on to say that there were many Hebrews in The British Isles who did not know they were Israelites.

We further have to remember that prior to the 1600’s Jews were shunned as being the murderers of Christ. In the early 1600’s it was a man by the name of Robert Maton (1607–1653?), who wrote a book titled Israel’s Redemption and Christ’s Personal Reign on Earth. This was all part of the carefully crafted plan, to associate the Edomites as being God’s chosen. Also that Christ would not return until they were back in the Holy Land of Israel.

Marton, would be followed by Richard Brothers in the 1700’s who published his book in 1797, it was only four decades later that John Henry Newman left the Church of England to join the Roman Catholic Church, because of his disgust that the British Israel teaching was about to become official Doctrine of the C of E! It was reported at that time that there were over two million Identity adherents in the UK and USA!

Obviously The Jews who Richard Brother associated with, saw him as a God send for their cause, and once he had served their purpose, he was sectioned, finishing his days in an asylum!