A Lost People and a Vanished Sceptre

A Lost People and a Vanished Sceptre

I print these Lectures, on the “Lost Tribes of Israel,” delivered long years ago, for a double purpose.

FIRST, to add my feeble protest against what is known, in these days, as the “Higher Criticism”; which, propped by great names, is undermining the faith of many in the authenticity and inspiration of the Old Testament Scriptures. If unchecked, it promises to leave us without any “Holy Bible,” at all.

SECONDLY, I would like to help on, in a small way, the growing good feeling between the two great branches of the Anglo-Saxon family; that now, by constant travel, association, and especially by intermarriages, gives promise of ultimate close affiliation, and co-operation, in advancing the welfare of “all the families of the Earth.”

I think, I prove, in this little booklet, that this is the “manifest destiny,” because the Scripturally foretold mission, of the English speaking race.