A Little Look Back

A Little Look Back

SOME WILL SAY WHAT GOOD IS THIS LOOK BACK SO MANY THOUSAND YEARS TO US TODAY. Well for one thing if one does not know history then they cannot know what is to come. This article is an attempt to give you a history to pass on to your children and grand children, about the history of our Race, The White Race. It is a history that they will certainly not get from the cowardly, traitorous, deceiving, perverted, degenerate, Judaised, Judeo-Christian clergy of today.

A Backward Look

Everyone who drives an automobile knows that safety depends upon the backward look as well as the forward look. Disaster ma result quite as often from not knowing what is behind as from not looking ahead. And so it is in guiding the course of our Israel people and their nations.

An illustration how much the news; is the Palestine situation. Only a few people, comparatively speaking, realize how quickly the flame smouldering in that region may explode in the face of the world. And our current administration seems hell bent on causing that explosion. Involving our country in the second deadliest war of all time.

The deadliest is of course the war the Jews are waging against our Israel people; a war that has been going on since the beginning of time. The danger is all the more imminent because our leaders of State, uninformed and even misinformed by the Judeo-Christian leaders of the church, do not know the background of the issues involved. They boldly move to portion out the land of sacred history to Jews, who have no claim over the land at all, and Arabs because they have never looked back to determine the real ownership of the land, and the origin of the conflicting participants in the Palestine struggle.