14 Days That Saved the World

14 Days That Saved the World

IN SEVERAL PREVIOUS Z-GRAMS I HAVE REPEATEDLY MENTIONED THE IMPORTANT ZUNDEL CONCEPT that “America Must understand and come to terms with the Second World War – that Adolf Hitler did Not fight it for the sake of imperialistic expansion.”

Whenever I say that, there are half a dozen people telling me that World War II has ended – half a century ago. Well, some of us beg to differ. What we are witnessing today geo-politically is merely an extension. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that War II was not fought for “Lebensraum” as we have been so unctuously taught to believe.

It was, according to Revisionist thought, a fully justified pre-emptive strike against a carefully detailed and smoothly financed New World Order plan, spawned in the banking canyons of New York and poised and ready to be implemented by the monster Joseph Stalin.

In “Pipeline to Moscow”, Robert W. Lee writes in the New American, September 1996:

“Despots throughout history have employed the Big Lie to beguile, manipulate, and control would-be vassals. The Master Conspiracy–-for instance, has for over two centuries honed the technique into a razor-sharp tool for sculpting its New World Order. And the biggest of its corpulent fabrications may be the pretence that the United States has been the world’s foremost bulwark against communism.